Our History

The Bridgewater Open Bible Church has experienced remarkable and stable growth. From it's birth in 1981, to little more than ten years later, the congregation averaged 140 in the Sunday morning service and 80 in the evening and gather in an attractive new building on the corner of Jubilee Road and Exhibition Drive. The Founding Pastor, Rev. Chesley MacKenzie and his wife Darlene, came to Bridgewater following missionary service in India and pastorates in New Brunswick. The new church was started under the auspices of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada.

The first service was held Aug. 16, 1981. On that same day a Sunday schedule was organized with Charles Sawatsky as its first superintendent. Through the early months of activity services were held in the home of the pastor on Audrey Drive.

Formal organization of the congregation was completed Oct. 17, 1982. There were 17 charter members. The first Elders were Michael Goode and Charles Sawatsky. The first persons baptized into the fledgling fellowship were Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Vidito.

The first church was a storefront type building at 17 Dufferin Street. The facility was purchased, refurbished and in December, 1982 was occupied by its new owners. The Body quickly outgrew its meeting place and at a meeting Dec. 11, 1985 a motion was made to build a new church. The committee charged with that responsibility included Pastor MacKenzie, Michael Goode, Alan Chute, Jim McWilliam and Charles Sawatsky. The Building was designed by Chapel Stone Development. Much of the labour was given voluntarily with some of the workers giving up their vacations in order to contribute to the effort. The new church was dedicated on Nov. 30, 1986 and can seat in excess of 250 and is wheel chair accessible. BOBC is a Bible Believing, soul winning, family oriented New Testament Church, standing “for The Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ” Rev. 1:9b.

Pastor Darel Tozer and his wife Willa Mae pastored BOBC from 1996 to 2004


Pastor Jeff Woodcock and his wife Jodi came to Pastor BOBC in September 2006 until present. Pastor Nathan Howboldt and his wife Sarah joined the pastoral team at BOBC in 2008 as the Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship.

In 2015, the congregation voted to purchase the adjacent property for more parking. The land included a building, formerly used as a convenience store, which was renovated by the church membership and will be used for church ministries. The church held a "name contest" and voted to name the building the "Connection Center."

A 4900 square foot expansion to the main worship facility took place in 2016, mainly performed by local contractor RIKJAK, with substantial church volunteer labor. During the six month renovation, the church met at the former Registry of Lands and Deeds government building at 270 Logan Road. The newly renovated facility can seat well over 300 people.

We praise God for the blessings He has shown us.